The Board of the School of Graduate Studies is answerable to the Senate for all matters pertaining to graduate and post-doctoral studies at the University.

Membership of the Board of the School of Graduate Studies

Dean, School of Graduate Studies (Board Chairperson)

Chairpersons of all Faculty/School Graduate Committees

Coordinators of Research Centres in the School, SGS

One representative from each Faculty Committee

One Senate representative

University Librarian

Registrar, Academic

One graduate Student Representative

The Board of the School of Graduate Studies can co-opt members to attend any of its meetings in an advisory capacity. Such persons shall be listed in attendance and shall have power to vote.

Functions of the Board of the School of Graduate Studies, SGS 

Co-ordinate the establishment and development of graduate programmes in fields and subjects of study along approved guidelines and in conformity with the general university regulations for higher degrees and its mission.

Co-ordinate graduate academic programmes and regulations relating to graduate studies.

Co-ordinate the admission of graduate students and the conduct of graduate programmes including examinations and award of graduate certificates, diplomas and degrees.

Co-ordinate matters pertaining to the welfare of graduate students and ensure that a conducive atmosphere exists for the conduct of their studies.

Co-ordinate the publicity of graduate programmes within and beyond Kenya through fliers, internet website and other means.

Provide stimulation and support of mutually engaged staff members and graduate students who share a common interest.

Negotiate and co-ordinate the distribution of research funds for graduate and other researches in the University.

Encourage the publication and dissemination of research findings and ensure that patents and other intellectual property rights are secured where appropriate.

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