Masters Programmes

Faculty of Education and Social Science

1. Master of Education in Kiswahili

2. Master of Education in Mathematics Education

3. Master of Science in Science Education

4. Master of Arts in Religion

5. Master of Arts in History

6. Master of Arts in Comparative Literature

7. Master of Education in Guida nce andCounseling

8. Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction

9. Master of Education in Educational Planning and management

10. Master of Education in Economics and Management of Education

11. Master of Education Educational Management and Policy Studies

12. Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics

13. Master of Education (English)

Faculty of Science

1. Master of Science in Information

2. Master of Science in Pure Mathematics

3. Master of Science Applied Mathematics

4. Master of Science in Statistics

5. Master of Science in Environmental Biology

6. Master of Science in Chemistry

7. Master of Science in Microbiology 

8. Master of Science in Medical Parasitology

9. Master of Science in Crop Protection

School of Economics and Business Studies

1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

2. Master of Science in Human Resource Management

3. Master of Arts in Economics

School Of Agriculture, Verterinary Sciences & Technology (Savet)

1. Master of Sciences in Agricultural Information and Communication Managements

Doctoral programmes

Centre for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance

1. PhD in Diplomacy and International Relations

2. PhD in Disaster Preparedness and Engineering Management

3. PhD in disaster management and Humanitarian Assistance

4 PhD in Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution

5 PhD in Disaster management and Sustainable Development

6 PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies

Faculty of Education and Social Science

1. PhD in Religion

2. PhD in History

3. PhD. in Curriculum and Instruction

4. PhD in Mathematics Education 5. PhD in Kiswahili

6. PhD in Educational Planning and Management

7. PhD in Economics and Management of Education

8. PhD in Educational Management and Policy Studies

Faculty of Science

1. PhD in Pure Mathematics

2. PhD in Statistics

3. PhD in Applied Mathematics

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